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Building of Silo Foundation for Concrete Mix Plants

Writer:Admin   Time:18/06/05

      As known to all, finish of customs procedure is not end to investment in a set of concrete mix plant. Installation proves to be equally important because it influences working state of the plant in the future. Take cement silos for example. Their installation usually entail building of foundation which plays an essential role in smooth operation of the silos. As a professional manufacturer of concrete mix plants, Haomei suggests clients to ask for specialized teams to carry out building of the foundation because it’s not so simple as it looks like.

      Installation of cement silos involves numerous math work based on rich physical knowledge. A designer must be clear about the weight of a fully-loaded silo and the supporting ability of the foundation to be built. Generally speaking, even a concrete mix plant of the smallest model must be equipped with a silo of 50 tons or above. Silo weight for some large plants can reach 500 tons. These are only weight of a singular silo. Imagine how heavy it is if three or four silos are combined to match a concrete batching plant. Therefore, building of silo foundation entail specialized design in accordance with specific soil quality, site area, ground level etc.

      Take soil quality for example. A professional test must be made to figure out level of underground water for the construction site. With concrete mix plants for bridge or water conservancy projects, the underground water level is usually higher than common sites. Designers must measure water level in advance to make sure that the silo foundation will stretch into a safe depth under the ground. Besides, soil quality and underground water level also influence choices of silo height and specifications. Therefore, the seemingly simple building of silo foundation for concrete mix plants turns out to be more complicated than you might think. It entails professional, complex and flexible designing.