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Characteristics of the continuous batching plant

Writer:Admin   Time:18/03/07

    Continuous batching plants have their advantages over other kinds of batching plants.Its characteristics are as follows.   

    1) host work smoothly: raw materials in a relatively long period of time evenly into the mixer. No the intermittent burst feeding process.   

    2) finished smoothly into the car: the concrete evenly into the car in a long period of time, the the intermittent burst discharge process.   

    3) the space occupied less: reducing a large the finished bucket and aggregate in storage bucket, low height and small footprint.   

    4) wear parts wear low: no impact smooth stirring, while mixing less.


    5) Low energy consumption: installed power, while mixing less raw materials, a small amount evenly into the mixer and easily mixed.   

    6) low cost of use and maintenance: structural part of a small, short belt, steady work.   

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