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Choose the Best Concrete Batching Plant

Writer:Admin   Time:18/02/26

    To choose the best concrete batching plant properly is very important to our customer. Here are some advice to choose a proper concrete batching plant below.

    1. Make sure the kind of concrete batching plant. Choose a proper concrete mixer according to the sort of concrete. For example, we can choose the concrete batching plant according to the productivity, mixer type,mixing capacity, batching scale, sand scale, Cement scale, Coal ash scale, Mineral powderscale, additive scale, Water scale, Belt width and Total powder and so on. In addition, choose concrete batching machine and storage silo on the basis of categories of materials.
    2. Make a decision to choose type of concrete batching plant according to the amount of the needed concrete and construction period. If the construction period is so long, you can choose the stationary concrete batching plant, or not choose mobile concrete batching plant. The delivery situation of concrete must be taken into consideration when selecting a concrete batching plant. The carrying capacity of vehicle is also an important point to choose a concrete batching plant.
    3. Fully consider the influence of engineering objects and construction condition to guarantee the quality of construction.
    4. The skill of operators also must be taken into account. In general, small concrete batching plant has a simple structure and control system. So, the requirement to operator is relatively low. On the contrary, large concrete batching plant has complex structure and is highly automatic. The operator must have the skillful and qualified operation skills.
    5. To the qualified manufacturer which has standard product configuration such as specification, quantity and types. You can have special demand but dont go in for grandiose projects which will lead to economic waste.