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Composition of JS1000 Concrete Mixer

Writer:Admin   Time:18/05/25

    JS1000 concrete mixer is composed of feeding system, mixing device, discharging part, water supply system, electric system, cover, base and supporting legs. In spite of the long configuration list, composition of the mixer is not so complex.


    Feeding system of a set of JS1000 concrete mixer is achieved by slowing climbing of the hopper along steel wires around a roller driven by a motor. The mixing device consists of a mixing tank, two mixing shafts and several lines of mixing blades. Shafts with blades rotate forward to force materials mix with each other thoroughly, therefore, JS series of concrete mixers are also referred to as forced mixers. They have reverse blades to scrape concrete sticking onto the roller wall. The discharging system include an outlet door and an annual control bar. When the power supply is in normal condition, the outlet door at the base of the mixer opens automatically and let finished concrete out. In case of shortage in power, the control bar is used to open or close the outlet door. The working principle of water supply system of JS1000 concrete mixer is as followed. A pump sends water into the mixing tank. The current amount is regulated by an adjusting worm and the total supply amount is controlled by a relay. The electric system is equipped with air switches and a fuse protector which cuts off automatically in case of short circuit, overload or phase loss. The cover functions to protect controlling buttons on the power cabinet. As for the base and supporting legs, there’s no need for elaboration any more.