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Feature of Good Quality HZS75 Concrete Batching Plant

Writer:Admin   Time:18/05/18

      HZS75 concrete batching plant is regarded the largest construction plant in the industry, larger models like HZS90, HZS120 and HZS180 are usually put into category of commercial plants. With a theoretic productivity of 75 cubic meters per hour, it’s generally equipped with four aggregate stock bins of 12m3 and five sets of measuring systems for different raw materials. The measuring results reach such a precision that the errors can be controlled within 2 with aggregates and 1 with liquid or powder. The discharge height of HZS75 concrete batching plant is 3.8m.

      Good quality HZS75 concrete batching plant have the following features. The cement should kept by anti-moisture silos that occupy less floor space but last longer than storage bins of civil engineering. Convenient conveying systems consist of lifted hoppers and screw conveyors. The former is used to convey aggregates and the latter other materials. Lifted hoppers send and discharge aggregates more efficiently than inclined belt conveyor. What’s more, they takes up only one third or a half of floor space by a belt conveyor. Screw conveyors can move angles randomly. The control system of HZS75 concrete batching plant is simple and clear. Both automatic and manual controls are available. Digital information can be observed directly and stored on the computer, which makes it convenient for printing in the future. Sensor and butterfly valve are two most important components in measuring systems. Tops quality sensors are featured by precise weighing and quick response, while butterfly valves should be stable, simple and light. Pneumatic system is responsible for opening and closing of doors of HZS75 concrete batching plant. Therefore, sensitivity is a key factor in judgement of its quality.