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How to Deal With Raw Materials of Plant Concrete

Writer:Admin   Time:18/03/30

        Running plant concrete proves to be a laboring task. Before really going into purchasing process, investors should first make a close study of target market to learn about treating capacity of plants they need as well as possible profit. As elaborated in How to Choose Ideal Ready Mix Concrete Plants, they must also choose a satisfying site for installation of the plant. Numerous paper procedures can not be avoided, either, which depends on detailed rules of different governments. In some countries only this could last months. After you finally get permission and get an ideal plant concrete, you are confronted with practical problems of operation. The first falls on raw materials.


        Different components for raw materials of a plant concrete should not be started at the same time before operation. Normally speaking, aggregates should be delivered first because they have to spend some time on long conveying belt before reaching the mixer. Then powder materials, including cement, stone powder and coal ash powder etc, should be weighed and sent to the mixer. Water and additives are usually fed at last. All the raw materials, however, should be weighed and sent to the mixer at the same time with given amount so that they meet demanded ratio. Automatic plant concrete has a control system on which you can set starting time and feeding order for different raw materials. The other common problem turns out to be more serious and trickier. You can have the plant working 24 hours without rest, but you cannot guarantee that all the concrete you produce will be used up everyday. Concrete condense so easily that it has to be stirred continuously even during short delivery to construction sites. Therefore, concrete contractors must keep close control of operation and have close contact with construction sites to avoid the case of overproduction. Besides, you can connect other contractors to pursue cooperative opportunity. Further more, you should always be prepared to take emergency measures like separate the raw materials using a separator etc.