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How to judge the quality of a concrete mixing plant

Writer:Admin   Time:18/03/27

      Many new clients, in their communication with us, ask a question that may haunt other buyers as well: how to judge the quality of a concrete mixing plant? Owing to the fact that a plant consists of so many components, the answer to the question can not be explained with short words. Here we give an answer for reference for those in need. 

    As a complex machine group, a concrete mixing plant includes key components like the mixer, the drive system, the belt conveyor, the lifting hopper, the weighing system, the speed reducer, weighing hoppers and safety valves. All the parts mentioned above have relative evaluation standards. Specifically speaking, a buyer should pay attention to the following aspects before making a decision. First, if the plant is equipped with a self-falling mixing tank, the diameter run-out of its discharging ring should be within 1% of feeding diameter. In addition, you should check the quality, hole size as well as installation precision of vibrating nets. Second, the drive system should operate flexibly without any unusual noise. Third, the belt conveyor, lifting hopper and suspend pulling scraper must work stably, smoothly and stop effectively with no unusual sounds or stuck chains. Fourth, you should make sure that the weighing system of the concrete mixing plant is sensitive and accurate. Fifth, check whether the lifting temperature of speed reducer accords to that of the instruction. Sixth, no accumulation or leakage of raw materials should occur with weighing hoppers. Seventh, the safety valve should not leak gas. Eighth, check the quality of cement silos. Last, the wires must be installed reasonably and correctly.   

    If you follow tips above, you would find it not so difficult to choose an ideal concrete mixing plant. Haomei manufactures and supplies concrete mixing plants of various specifications. Welcome to contact us for more information!