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Operation Methods of Cement Silos of Concrete Batching Plants

Writer:Admin   Time:18/05/29

      A cement silo serves as one of the most important assisting components of a concrete batching plant. Therefore, great importance should be attached to its operation. Then how to operate it safely and correctly? Here are some operation methods.

      The methods involve processes of silo fixing, cement conveying, cement dosing and breakdowns of the screw conveyor. To fix the silo of a concrete batching plant, a special crane should be used to lift it onto the prefabricated concrete construction base. Installers must make sure that the silo is vertical to the ground before welding it together with the base. Then cement should be delivered to the construction site, where feeding pipes of the silo are connected with conveying pipes of the delivery vehicle. Then the air pressure in the vehicle forces cement into the silo. The operator must press the button of dust remover constantly during the whole cement conveying process. Otherwise cement may clog in the dust bag and lead to exposure eventually. If the operator fails to press the remover button, there’s a safety valve to make up for the situation. Once the pressure in the silo surpasses that of outside, it forces the safety valve open to release extra pressure. The operator can observe the cement level during the conveying process. In need of cement dosing, the manual discharging valve at the base of the silo should be opened first and allow cement into the screw conveyor. Unexpected arch camber can be eliminated by prompt pressing of the arch-breaking button. In this way the air will be sent into and breaks the arch camber. In case of failures of the cement screw conveyor of a concrete bathing plant, the operator should immediately turn off the manual discharging valve to avoid waste.

      In a word, to operate cement silos of concrete batching plants safely and correctly, you should pay attention to its fixing, cement conveying, cement dosing and breakdowns of the screw conveyor.