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Principal of Batching Plant Arrested for Pollution

Writer:Admin   Time:18/04/08

      The principal of a batching plant was arrested yesterday because of environmental pollution in Baoji, Xi’an. Reports said that cement slurry from the batching plant had been emitted directly into a river, causing death of large amount of fishes in the river. After investigation the police decided to give the principal of the plant a 15 days sentence as well as forfeit for ecological recovering of the river.


        Ten days ago, local Environment Protection Agency received a report from hot line that dead fishes were spotted in the river near the city stadium and that the water had turned white. Hurried to the river, the investigation team found that along the upper river a concrete batching plant was under operation for an ongoing project of highway building. Concrete slurry, collected and kept near the river, leaked through iron aprons into the river, leading to pollution to the water. The principal of the plant, however, denied deeds of emitting slurry into the river even after evidental test had been made for the water. The next day, Food Drug Police Team, cooperating with the environmental team, finally got the answer. The principal admitted that he made workers to pump slurry into the river stealthily for about half an hour on the very morning. The Environment Protection Agency decided to take an administrative penalty on the involved company -- Jinggang Road&Bridge Group, which will have to control its productivity, improve environmental measures and pay a fine to recover ecological state of the river. It’s made to replace iron aprons with brick walls and deal with slurry in strict accordance with relative rules. Besides, young fishes will be put into the river. As for the principal of the batching plant, he will have to stay 15 days in prison for his ignorance and laziness.