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Simple Introduction to HZS60 Concrete Batching Plants

Writer:Admin   Time:18/05/08

      HZS60 concrete batching plants are regarded as a type of small scale commercial plant. It’s normally equipped with a JS1000 concrete mixer, a PLD1600 concrete dispenser with four bins, several cement silos of 100 tons as well as screw conveyors. Its theoretic productivity is 60 cubic meters per hour. In practical production, this figure falls to about 55m3 owing to frequent discharging of finished concrete into mixer trucks. Compared to project plants, standard HZS60 concrete batching plants are featured by medium productivity, moderate price, high efficiency and reasonable configuration.

      As said above, HZS60 concrete batching plants has a medium outcome of concrete, just suitable for middle scale construction projects. They cost much less than HZS90 and a little more than HZS50. For investors with tight budget, such a moderate price is perfect in investing a commercial batching plant. Generally speaking, standard plants have no inclined belt conveyors or aggregate storage bins, but commercial HZS60 concrete batching plants have these devices which shortens lifting time for aggregates and eventually improves efficiency. Further more, an HZS60 plant boasts reasonable configuration. Its modular structure enables people to move it conveniently. JS1000 mixer produces top quality concrete efficiently. PL1600 four-bin dispenser is featured by accurate measurement and high efficiency. Both powder material and water are weighted by electronic devices of high precision. Shaft ends are doubly sealed by an automatic concentrated oil pump. An extra seal is added between the side arm and the end plate. To avoid aggregate wedging at the discharging door, engineers have adopted advanced design style. Similar improvement has been made with dosing position and order of mixing shafts to avoid journal sticking.

      Haomei manufactures HZS60 concrete batching plants of the configuration above. Customization is also acceptable. We have established cooperative relation ships with clients from tens of countries. Welcome to contact us for more information!