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Something of concrete plant should be checked regularly

Writer:Admin   Time:18/03/23

      Concrete plant mainly by the mixer, gravel ingredients devices, cement bracket positions, skirt lifter, cement screw conveyor such as a combination of discrete components, which is characterized in the top of the agitator chamber with sand storage hopper, cement weighing bucket water admixtures weighing bucket, bucket bottom with cylinder control can be flipped butterfly doors weighing materials disposable quickly stir cavity feeding improved concrete mixing practical ergonomics, the device inherits the general mixing station shift easy installation configure the advantages of flexibility and high efficiency of the mixing building.   Which parts of concrete plant should be checked regularly?

    1.Gas path sealing the oil cups oil level and drainage; inspection activities sensor is normal; 2.Adjustment of the belt conveyor head sweeping sweeper belt adjustment; 3.Aggregate conveying equipment: check belt operation and interface; 4.Checking each cutting tone cylinder action and Doumen opening and closing;Check belt idlers functioning; Check the motor running, the temperature rise is normal; 5. Schedule to check the the drive roller oil level; 6.Supply line and lighting; 7 Check the drive drum positioning screw and fuel screw is loose; 8.Sprinklers or without abnormal transit station hopper wear and adhesion was cleaning, the lubrication points oiling. 9. Motor, water pump functioning; 10.Plumbing valves leaked; checking the liquid level of the pump oil chamber should immediately add insufficient; 11.At any time to check the pool liquid level, lack of timely addition.   

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