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Structure of Forced Concrete Mixer with Single Horizontal Shaft

Writer:Admin   Time:18/05/15

      The forced concrete mixer with single horizontal shaft, able to produce concrete of various ratio types, is widely applied in practice. This article is about structure of the mixer. Generally speaking, a forced concrete mixer of single shaft consists of four parts: mixing device, feeding device, discharging system and base frame.

    forced concrete mixer

      The mixing device plays the most important role in operation of a forced concrete mixer with single horizontal shaft. It’s commonly composed of a mixing tank, a mixing shaft, mixing blades on the shaft and sealing parts at the shaft ends. The mixing shafts is installed in the middle of the tank parallel to the tank interior wall. Two groups of mixing blades on the shaft force mixed materials to rotate around the shaft while the forced concrete mixer is in operation, that’s how the name “forced” comes. The rotating force is so strong that evenly mixed concrete can be finished within a short period of time. The feeding device has a rolling and stretching machine that lifts the hopper stably to a given height where the hopper slips into the discharging frame for automatic discharge. The discharging system is equipped with advanced gear racks of high strength and quick discharging parts of direct rolling. This system discharges quickly and completely. Amount of concrete can be set for single or multiple discharges. There’s no problem like accidental closing of the door or concrete jam. Base frame of forced concrete mixers of single horizontal shafts is normally made of welded steel profiles. Under the frame there are two tires and in the front there is detachable trailing pole. Adjustable supporting legs installed in the four directions should be opened to keep the mixer stable in operation.

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