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System components of batching plant

Writer:Admin   Time:18/03/05

    A concrete batching plant is composed of aggregate metering system, dust removal system, feeding system and auto control system. The aggregate metering system: standard measured using the incremental method, improved electronic weighbridges Reduction Act metering; powder measure: mixer above the set cement metering and fly ash weighing hopper, the standard mixing station with AC contactor control to enhance spiral, fine with device; the improved mixing station with inverter ingredients crude, refined with. Water metering:-point suspension weighing mechanism, with coarse, fine with loops and other devices, to ensure measurement accuracy. Admixtures are measured: Sensor Payload direct effect, with coarse and fine with loops and metering box, piping layout alone to ensure precise measurement. Dust removal system mixing station set up centralized processing independent centralized precipitator dust effects, and to avoid the mixer cavity formation negative pressure affect powder metering accuracy. Aggregate feeding system aggregate belt conveyor feeding a promotion to the reservoir bucket. Compact structure, high reliability and easy maintenance. Automatic control system uses a distributed computer system, centralized management, and high reliability.

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