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The site construction requirements of HZS90 batch plant

Writer:Admin   Time:18/06/19

     HZS90 concrete batching plant belong to belt conveyor type concrete batching plants are widely used in various kinds of large and medium scale prefabricated factory, construction site, road, bridge, airport, tunnel and many other projects. It is also suitable for water conservancy , the electric power , the railroad, the road , the harbor-wharf and so on.

    This batch plant configuration two JS1500 type concrete mixer, using the material on the conveyor belt, fully enclosed production. Each mixing floor configuration 5 cement silo, cement silo: fly ash ratio at 2:2 configuration, a spare tank. Cement(fly ash) tank installed lightning rod, grounding wire. Dust in the mixing device is installed in the lower left pavers set a 5 × 3m sedimentation tanks, set up in the gutter at the outlet of two sedimentation tanks.

    Issues about HZS90 batch plant mixing station site processing site treatment:

    In order to ensure the durability and the use of the site clean and green, this kind of belt concrete batching plants use coal gangue as cushion of not less than 70cm, 30cm thick C30 concrete for the surface layer. Site design is surrounded by low,intermediate high, the surface layer drainage slope is 1.5%, which will help drainage. Set around the field M7.5 # mortar surface drains, gutters even in tight set at 2 5 × 3m sedimentation tanks. Taking into account the concrete mixing station foundation treatment foundation concrete mixing station is a clay layer and shallow groundwater, affecting the normal use after mixing station, so the concrete mixing station reinforced concrete base with C30 processing, basic bunk steel mesh while the depth of the original design based on the case base to increase the depth and width, to increase the bearing capacity of foundation. Ensure the smooth installation cement mixer. Based on batching plant manufacturers to provide a base set of concrete figure and various embedded parts for construction.