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YHZS35 Mobile Batching Plant on Sale

Writer:Admin   Time:18/04/20

    YHZS35 mobile batching plant is a movable concrete mixing plant whose systems for distributing, weighing, mixing, storage, discharging and automatic controlling are centralized onto one towing vehicle. In this way, the whole plant moves from site to site conveniently.

    Haomei YHZS35 mobile batching plant is equipped with computer controlling system. Operators can choose auto control and manual control based on specific situation. A dynamic panel displays clearly operating states of all parts. Digital materials, stored automatically in the computer, are ready for printing any minute, which enables people to manage concrete production in a more convenient and efficient way. To reduce failure rate and raise weighing precision of the batching plant, we have purchased from overseas advanced speed reducer, weighing sensor and electronic components for the controlling system.

    Dismantlement of our YHZS35 mobile batching plant can be finished within a single day with help of a thirty-ton crane. No wire of the plant is needed to be removed for site transferring except that of external devices like screw conveyor and cement silos. Given that the site ground is flat and solid, it takes only one day from installation to production, because civil engineering proves to be unnecessary on ground with good conditions. This makes YHZS35 mobile batching plant perfect for projects with short deadlines. The whole plant weighs about 23.5 tons. Equipped with tires and towing devices, it moves at 15km per hour during site transfer. Forced mixer with twin horizontal shafts mixes concrete in the shortest possible time. It can deal with concrete of all states, including hard dry concrete, half dry concrete, plastic concrete and concrete of any ratio requirements. We have decades of manufacturing experience and twelve years of export history. Engineers are available for overseas services like installation, debugging as well as possible maintenance. Welcome to contact us for more information!