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Application range of different types of concrete mixers

Writer:Admin   Time:18/01/29

     According to different standards concrete mixers can be divided into different types, they have their own characteristics, the scope of application is not the same.

    Fixed concrete mixer: by frame anchor bolt and base fixed.More on the mixing or concrete mixing plant.

    Forced concrete mixer: barrel material through the rotating shaft blades or scraper forced mixing, mixing, mixing time, high efficiency. Suitable for mixing hard concrete.

    Mobile concrete mixer equipped with mobile devices which can be transferred according to the actual needs. Suitable for small construction site.

    Continuous concrete mixer: continuous, continuous mixing, feeding, unloading process, the production efficiency is very high, mainly for the large demand for concrete engineering base.

    Self-falling concrete mixer: because of mixing barrel has permanent mix, mix to the materials to the high point of view and set free throws, mixing is uniform, suitable for mixing of plastic concrete and half plastic concrete.

    Periodic concrete mixer: The periodic mixer is a process of loading, discharging and mixing periodically. The structure is relatively simple, easy to operate, and the stirring quality is very high. It is widely used.