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Concrete mixer is widely used in many areas

Writer:Admin   Time:18/07/18

     Nowadays concrete mixer is widely used in many kind of areas.Whether you require standard or custom equipment,we will use our modern design anf manufacturing techniques give you ideal equipment.The JS series twin shaft concrete mixer can mix dry、wet、plastic concrete,and various mortars.There are high manganese wear-resisting cast steel lining boards and mixing baldes inside the mixer,durable and convenient to replace.

    First, from the large scope it can used in bridge and large buildings and many instruction project need concrete mixer to mixer the cement water and sand and so on .

    Second , from the small scope it can used in personal building , if you want to build a house or small industrial project , concrete mixer is needed and can use in many areas .

    Concrete mixer machine description:

    1.It is twin shaft compulsory concrete mixer;

    2.It can work independently.Combining with different PLD concrete batching machines,various kinds of concrete batching plant can be formed.

    3.It can mix dry concrete,plasticity concrete,wet concrete,light aggregate concrete and various mortars.

    4.It is suitable for all types of large, medium and small prefabricated and roads, bridges, water conservancy, port and other industrial and civil engineering project.

    Concrete mixer working Characteristics:

    1.The mixing drum does not move,consumingly mixing by the blade on the rotation shaft inside the drum.So it can make the concrete more evenly.

    2.It has good quality and high efficiency.

    3.Generally apply to mixing dry concrete.

    4.There are three three kinds of discharge manual, pneumatic and hydraulic to and reliable.

    5.The mixing arm is high strength,wear resistance and low resistance.Prolong the service life.