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Concrete mixer price is related to its type

Writer:Admin   Time:18/01/07

     There are many types of concrete mixers, different types of concrete mixer price vary widely. Let us take a look at the professional concrete mixer manufacturers together.

    Single-shaft forced concrete mixer

    Single-shaft forced concrete mixer common models: JDC350 and JDC500, the mixing effect is stronger than the drum concrete mixer and weaker than the twin-shaft compulsory concrete mixer, more suitable for small construction site, one-axis coercive force concrete mixer price is not high, about thirty thousand dollars on the line.

    Drum concrete mixer

    Drum concrete mixer is to mix the material in a rotating drum, with the rotation of the drum, the drum leaves the mixture to a certain height, and then free to fall down by their own weight. This cycle goes on until the cement mixers have been used to mix plastic and semi-plastic concrete. Drum concrete mixer prices are generally cheaper, thousands of dollars you can buy a good.

    Dual horizontal axis forced concrete mixer

    Twin-shaft forced concrete mixer has two mixing shaft, stirring force, to solve the knot and other problems knot warehouse, its volume, high production efficiency, and more for concrete mixing plant to do the mixing host. Twin shaft forced concrete mixer is the price of the three most expensive concrete mixer, ranging from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of price range, larger span, mainly related to the model.