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Configuration and advantages of HZS35 concrete batching plant

Writer:Admin   Time:18/06/13

     Welcome the quotation of consulting batching plant equipment, we will provide guidance and suggestion according to your actual situation, you will buy the batching plant equipment with superior configuration at reasonable concrete batching plant price.

    1, HZS35 concrete batching plant adopts modular structure, unit modularization, installation and relocation is very convenient.

    2. The mixing main engine and aggregate lifting of HZS35 concrete batching plantadopt JS750 type double horizontal axle forced concrete mixer. The mixing quality is good and the efficiency is high.

    3. Aggregate proportioning is made of PLD1200 type batching machine with accurate measurement and high production efficiency.

    4, powder, water, admixture are measured by electronic scales, high precision batching.

    5, the water supply system uses the siphon pump pressure principle, so that the water flow rate is accelerated, spray evenly.

    6, electrical control system adopts imported components, reliable performance, manual, automatic control, easy to operate.

    HZS35 concrete batching plant adopts advanced automatic control system and set simulation technology to apply to concrete domain, intelligent control, automatic control and manual control. It can observe and count the production process and production of mixing station and building in real time. It can control the water content of sand and concrete, and can control the collapse of concrete. The purpose of automatic on-line temperature compensation to achieve the purpose of adding sand and reducing water can provide a remote communication interface to transfer the data of the workstations to the office to get the data of the production process, and the convenience of management and height.