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Conveyor belt conveyer in concrete mixing plant

Writer:Admin   Time:18/07/10

     Belt conveyor can improve the efficiency of concrete mixing plant, it is an important equipment used in concrete mixing plant to transport aggregate. Belt conveyor is mainly composed of conveyor belt, roller, supporting roller, tensioning device, driving device rack and so on.

    The conveyer belt is supported by the upper and lower roller with the bearing and the traction component, bypassing the head and tail roller to form a closed loop, and using the transmission roller with the friction transfer power between the conveyer belt and the continuous conveying of the material.

    The roller is divided into the drive roller and the modified roller. The drive roller is connected with the driving device. The function of the drum is to transfer the force to the conveyor belt, and the roller is changed to change the running direction of the conveyor belt.

    The role of idlers is to support the conveyor belt and conveyor belt materials.

    The function of the tensioning device is to produce certain pretension in the conveyor belt, avoid the sliding of the object on the drive roller, and control the deflection between the conveyer belt in the roller, in order to reduce the resistance and avoid the material.

    The driving device provides power for the belt conveyor.

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