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Host is the main factor affecting the output of small concrete batching plant

Writer:Admin   Time:17/12/13

     Why is the mixing host of is the main factor affecting the concrete production of small concrete batching plant? This is because the concrete mixer used to build a normal small concrete batching plant is the same, and the equipment used in the small batching plant is less.

    The batching plant manufacturer remind users to buy small concrete batching plant equipment is best to listen to the engineer's professional advice, do not blindly buy.

    Take the HZS25 concrete batching plant as an example, the standard configuration of HZS25 concrete batching plant is JS500 double horizontal shaft compulsory concrete mixer, 800 two warehouse batching machine (or 1200), JS500 concrete mixer discharging 0.5 square per tank and the cycle time is 72 S, 800 batches per hour ingredients 48m³/h, so configure the maximum capacity per hour is 25m³/h. However, if the JS750 concrete mixer as this mixing host, this will result in insufficient capacity of the batching machine. This will affect the mixing speed of the cement mixer and cause the batch plant to stop working suddenly.