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How much is the JS750 concrete mixer

Writer:Admin   Time:18/08/03

     How much is the JS750 concrete mixer?This is related to its type.

    JS750 concrete mixer mainly including JS and JZM series , customers choose according to their own use purpose: if it is self use small project, rural housing and so on, the use of JZM concrete mixer effect is better, because JZM concrete mixer with its own wheels, simple and fixed when use, low environmental requirements, overturning unloading is very convenient. But if the customer uses JS concrete mixer although the production efficiency is high, but JS series cement mixer needs to be professional fixed, and JS bottom discharging needs to be increased cement mixer to discharging.

    Forced type JS750 concrete mixer

    The compulsive type JS750 concrete mixer. It is a common compulsive concrete mixer. It is characterized by the use of the twin shaft mixing form, which greatly reduces the stirring time and improves the mixing efficiency. It often used in various construction projects, such as high-speed rail construction, housing construction and so on, also used as mixing host for HZS35 concrete batching plant .

    Drum type concrete mixer

    Drum type concrete mixer, self-falling belt drive mixer, characterized by weight less than JS750, mixing plastic concrete mainly. Suitable for some small projects, generally still to civil cover house, Drum type concrete mixer price is more cheaper than the forced type concrete mixer, economic better, but not recommended in concrete mixing plant, mixing efficiency is relatively low.