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How to choose the suitable concrete mixer

Writer:Admin   Time:18/07/27

     How to choose the suitable concrete mixer?You may be need to know about the type of concrete mixer machine.The according to you project to choose it.

    Stationary concrete mixer: A stationary mixer is intended to be used in one place on the job site, which is great if it’s not a large site but still requires a lot of concrete. They’re powerful enough to make a consistent mix and are one of the most common varieties of cement mixer.

    Drum concrete mixer: Another commonly recognized type of mixer, a drum mixer comes in two varieties – reversible, which allows you to reverse the direction of the drum rotation after the mix is complete and the cement mix works it way up and out of the mixer, or tilting, which allows you to tip the mixed contents of the drum into your form. Also referred to as a barrel mixer, the protruding fins that stick out from their attachment points on the interior drum wall stirs the mix until it reaches a uniform consistency.

    Mobile concrete mixer: When you see a concrete truck on the road, this is the type of mixer that is being used. Though it can be cost-prohibitive to purchase and requires special licensing for the driver in most cases, mobile mixers can quickly provide a large amount of concrete, often around ten cubic yards or more on a truck.

    So what does a concrete mixer do for your project? First off it helps to keep the concrete moving so that it stays in a pliable, liquid state while you work so that you can get the best results possible. It is also going to help keep your concrete contained so that you can use it as needed.

    Choosing your concrete mixer,The main thing you need to consider when choosing your mixer is the size of the mixer itself. There are industrial size mixers for very large projects like pouring concrete pads or foundations for homes and other structures. There are residential size mixers for home projects, and there are mini, portable mixers for smaller projects that are done around the home that are quick and may not require as much work and as much mixing. These are all going to be easy and fast mixers to use.

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