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How to ensure normal production of batch plant in winter

Writer:Admin   Time:17/12/08

     Usually need to control the temperature of the equipment and add admixture in two ways to ensure that the batch plant normal production in the cold season.

    The way to control the temperature of concrete batching plant equipment:

    First, control the temperature of water.

    In order to prevent the water temperature is too low, you can use the way with warm water, increase the concrete problem, in order not to damage the performance of concrete, you need to control the water temperature to 60-80 degrees Celsius.

    Second,installation antifreeze closed floor for the batching plant mixing host .

    Antifreeze closed-floor facilities for the provision of thermal interface has been greatly improved in Russia and other winter cold areas, still can ensure the normal operation of equipment.

    Adding admixtures for concrete, prevent retarding phenomenon, concrete frost heave:

    General concrete mixing plant has a certain distance away from where the concrete work, so need to increase the antifreeze, antifreeze by freezing injury, effectively prevent the concrete antifreeze containing nitrite, triethanolamine, etc. The amount of active ingredients.