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How to ensure safe and normal operation of batch plant in winter

Writer:Admin   Time:18/01/03

     In winter, after the batch plant equipment in operation, it is necessary to drain all the water and residues from the water pump, the additive pump, the water tank and the additive tank. In the cold season, in order to prevent damaging the pump and its pipeline, Pump running for about a minute.

    The things that concrete mixing plant needs to be done after running everyday:

    After the operation of the concrete mixing plant, the operator needs to clear the residue on the inside and outside of the mixing tank of the equipment, the discharge port, the stirring shaft and the discharge door after finishing the work. You can use water to rinse these parts of the equipment.If necessary, you can put a small amount of pebbles and water after stirring for ten minutes to release. Clean the car with water, additive cartridges and their systems.

    In addition, concrete mixing station in the winter, if not used, then each instrument construction equipment needs to be switched on twice per week, and each boot time takes half an hour. This prevents the concrete mixing plant in winter from long-term use caused by frostbite, or boot can not start the phenomenon.