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How to safely operate the cement silo of batching plant

Writer:Admin   Time:18/07/08

     When the cement silo storehouse works, it must be set up by a special crane and then put on the prefabricated concrete base, and check the perpendicularity of the cement silo in the batching plant and the horizontal surface after it is set up, then soldering the base with the foundation.


    After the storage bin is fixed, the cement truck is transported to the site by the cement truck, then the transportation pipeline of the bulk cement truck is connected with the feed line of the cement bin, and the cement in the cement truck is transported to the cement bin through the gas pressure of the bulk cement truck.

    In the process of transporting the cement in the storage bin, the operator should uninterruptfully press the button of the dust collector to vibrate the motor, shake off the cement attached to the bag of the dust collector, prevent the bag from being blocked, and burst the storehouse.

    When discharging is needed, the manual discharge valve at the bottom of the cone is opened first, and then the cement is transported through the cement conveying device.

    So,how to safely operate the cement silo of batching plant?

    1, we need special personnel to be responsible for the pressure in the silo and the quality management of its own warehouse, to supervise the whole process of the production of the cement storehouse, and to do a good job of recording. Ensure the effective implementation of the technical standards and quality regulations of the cement silo of batching plant.

    2. For the cement warehouse just out of the factory, it is necessary to check the quality of the cement bin from all aspects and ensure the quality requirements of the cement storehouse, such as the raw material entry, the operation of the personnel, the operation of the concrete mixing station, the execution of the scheme and so on.

    3, avoid overloading of cement bunker due to operational errors. It is necessary for those who have certain knowledge of cement silo and operation specifications to do so. The overpressure of pressure vessels in cement storage tanks is mostly due to improper operation, so it is necessary to observe the changes in bulk storage at any time to ensure better safety of equipment.