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Install and maintenance of cement mixer machine

Writer:Admin   Time:18/06/22

     What should pay attentions to when installing a cement mixer machine?

    First, try to keep the ground on which the concrete mixer machine is placed flat and compact. In that way, we can avoid over vibration caused by uneven ground and the spare parts can get protection.

    Secondly, make good preparation to prevent the damage of high temperature and cold season. When the temperature is high, pay attention to the wear condition of spare parts. In cold winter, pay attention to the working condition of hydraulic system.

    Thirdly, try to reduce dust in the working environment of concrete mixer machine.

    Pay attentions to concrete mixer machine installation, and lay the foundation for latter mixing work.

    The maintenance of cement mixer machine:

    1. cleaning tank (concrete mixing drum) and inlet and outlet

    Because of the concrete in a short time will solidify into lumps, and paint on steel and have a certain corrosive, so every time the use of concrete tank, cleaning adhesion is daily maintenance must seriously work carried out in concrete tank and the inlet and outlet of the concrete. Including:

    2. each charge before flushing with water inlet, the inlet when in charging moist;

    3. filled with water to clean water tank truck comes in charge at the same time;

    4. charging after flushing inlet, wash the feeding near the mouth of the residual concrete;

    5. to the site after unloading, flush out the trough, and then to the concrete tank with clean water 30 - 40 L; in the back of the vehicle

    Keep the concrete tank forward slowly rotation process;

    6. the next charging before you go concrete tank of sewage;

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