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Introduction of electric control system for concrete mixing plant

Writer:Admin   Time:18/07/30

     There are three kinds of electric control system in concrete mixing plant: distributed microcomputer control, centralized microcomputer control and centralized Double Microcomputer control.This is because concrete is the most widely used in the current infrastructure construction, and with the commercialization process of concrete, concrete batching plants rapidly increased. In order to meet the needs of different users, the concrete mixing plant model specifications are developing in a diversified direction, and its electrical control system is also divided into various.

    1. Distributed microcomputer control: this control form is widely used in the early design of batch plant. The core is a programmable controller, the upper computer is only used as management report printing, so the function and role of the computer is not obvious.

    2, centralized microcomputer control: this form of control is to focus computer control and management on a computer, the task is heavy, and the statistics of the report data can not be synchronized in the process of production, and the data can not be counted at any time, and too much interference by human factors in the measurement. But compared with some smaller concrete batching plants, it can meet the needs of users, and the investment cost is relatively low.

    3, centralized dual microcomputer control: a special control instrument is used, and the production control and management functions are divided into two computers without interference. The production control and report statistics are synchronized, and the management computer can also be used as a production backup machine, providing the network interface with the first class computer. It is a widely used market in concrete mixing plant at present. However, the cost of investment is relatively high, and is more suitable for larger scale concrete batching plant.