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Standard configuration details of HZS75 engineering concrete batching plant

Writer:Admin   Time:18/01/18

     The below is the standard configuration details of engineering concrete batching plant,That is the standard quoted by the professional batching plant manufacturer.This is a standard configuration of hzs75 concrete batching plant, according to user needs to develop orders, in accordance with the order of production.

    1.JS1500 double horizontal axis concrete mixer 1 set.

    2. Mixing motor 22kw two.

    3. Mixer legs: with Φ219х4, the material height 3800mm.

    4. Unloading device: Pneumatic door, automatic discharge

    5. Lifting motor: 18.5kw

    6 pump power 3kw. Oil supply system manual, automatic thick oil pump lubrication

    7. Screw conveyor, conveying capacity 38-45t / h, motor power 11KW / 15KW, working angle ≤45 °

    8. Concrete batching machine PLD2400 a set of storage silo: single warehouse along the mouth size 3300mmх2200mm, the amount of precision ± 2%, 11KW electric drum, pneumatic butterfly valve automatically open the door, the use of channel welded together, the sensor 3.

    9. Water Weighing 1 set, with 3 sensors, weighing accuracy ± 2%.

    10 cement weighing 1 set, the sensor 3, Φ300 pneumatic valve, weighing accuracy ± 2%

    11. Weigh a set of fly ash, the sensor 3, Φ300 pneumatic valve, weighing accuracy ± 2%

    12. Additive weighing, the sensor 3, weighing accuracy ± 1%

    13. Powder silo (cement silo), the number of 3, bin diameter and height: Φ3m,

    Legs: Φ219 tube х4

    15. Dust removal device: configure the dust, broken arch

    16. Control system microcomputer control, including the strength of the cabinet, monitors, printers

    17.Control room