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The HZS35/HZS50/HZS75 concrete batching plant price

Writer:Admin   Time:18/01/11

     HZS35/HZS50/HZS75 concrete batching plant is the more common three kinds of engineering concrete batching plant models, how much of the three models of concrete mixing plant price each ?

    HZS35 concrete batching plant price

    HZS35 concrete batching plant price between 91,000 to 190,000, the theoretical output is 35 cubic meters per hour, the working cycle time of 72 seconds, the discharge height of 2.5-3.8 meters, 8 hours a day to produce the ideal year of production Up to 100,000 cubic meters of concrete, suitable for small and medium-scale construction, prefabricated plants.

    HZS50 concrete batching plant price

    HZS50 concrete batching plant price between 143,000 to 308,000, the use of lifting bucket feeding, equipped with JS1000 mandatory concrete mixer, PLD1600 concrete batching machine, a set of cement weighing and water weighing, 60T cement silo 2, LSY219 Screw conveyor, etc., especially for railway, highway, highway, bridge, power plant site mixing concrete site occasions.

    HZS75 concrete batching plant price

    HZS75 concrete batching plant price between 222,000 to 480,000, compared with the usual inclined belt conveyor feeding mixing station can save up to one-half to two-thirds of the land, and the use of modular structure, the whole station installation Relocation is very convenient. Mixing platform, measurement platform and platform to enhance the system fully guarantee the calibration, inspection and maintenance of equipment needs, when the need for protective layer, there is still enough daily work space.

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