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The belt conveyor characteristics of the concrete mixing station

Writer:Admin   Time:17/12/26

     Belt conveyor is good or bad is an important measure of the level of production capacity of concrete mixing station.

    Belt conveyor is an important equipment for transporting aggregates in concrete mixing station. The prepared gravel is transported into the aggregate for waiting positions and the length of the belts accounts for 3/4 of the total length of the batching plant.

    The belt conveyor characteristics of the concrete batching plants:

    First, the use of the belt used steel pull core, canvas belt, the service life of up to 8-10 years;

    Second, the belt conveyor roller, cardan shaft to adjust the deviation of the belt, in addition to anti-anti-deviation device installed, enabling automatic adjustment and manual adjustment of two modes;

    Third, belt conveyor on both sides accompanied by maintenance and Taiwan take rain and rain cover, user-friendly maintenance;

    Fourth, the belt conveyor has a tensioning device, and a scale record, according to the elastic belt, according to the value of the scale adjustment, reduce the difficulty of adjustment