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The difference between HZS75 and HZS90 concrete batching plant

Writer:Admin   Time:18/07/26

     The price of HZS90 and HZS75 concrete batching plant must be different, the HZS90 concrete batching plant price under the standard configuration is higher than HZS75, HZS75 is suitable for self use and engineering, and HZS90 batch plant is generally as a commercial concrete mixing plant. According to the batching plant equipment, the price of steel will be more expensive, and the customers should choose according to their own needs.


    HZS90 and HZS75 are all deviced with JS1500 concrete mixer, but the blender at the HZS90 concrete batching plant has no hopper and can be used with the belt conveyor, thus greatly improving the production efficiency, making the mixing cycle shorter, and finally the theoretical productivity can reach 90m /h, so it can meet the large engineering and commercial purposes, this is the HZS90 . The main cause of attention.

    Batching machine of bathing plant

    PLD2400 batching machine is also different from HZS90 concrete batching plant and HZS75 concrete batching plant. The specific difference is that in the weighing method, the weighing hopper used by the HZS90 has one under each hopper, and the HZS75 concrete mixing station is used as a common hopper. In this way, the independent weighing can be matched with multiple aggregates at the same time. The accumulative weighing must be carried out in turn, affecting the efficiency, and not improving the precision of the ingredients.