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The factors affecting the small concrete batching plant price

Writer:Admin   Time:18/02/08

     To built a small concrete batching plant which is generally less than five hundred thousand. How much is the specific type of small concrete batching plant? There are many factors to consider. For example, the following configuration, manufacturer, steel price, market supply and demand, etc.

    Small concrete batching plant models including: HZS35, HZS50, HZS60, HZS75.

    Configuration requirements

    Each type of small concrete batching plant has a standard configuration and simple configuration For example with HZS50 ready-mixed concrete mixing plant, the HZS50 type standard concrete batching plant including the configuration of JS1000 (1) shaft forced type concrete mixer, PLD1600 concrete batching machine (a batching machine), 9 meters of screw pump, water, cement, fly ash, additive weighing (a), 100T cement silo, centralized control system, pneumatic control system. With regard to the simple configuration, different customers have different configuration requirements. Without affecting the production efficiency of the batching plant, the batching plant manufacturer will try to satisfy every customer's request.

    The batching plant manufacturer selection

    Building a small concrete batching plant, the price of different manufacturers is different. There are higher requirements for the configuration of the small concrete batching plant from professional batching plant manufacturer and the equipment is equipped with perfect after-sales service,the quality and service of the equipment can be guaranteed.