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The feeding way of concrete mixing plant

Writer:Admin   Time:18/07/16

     The feeding way of concrete mixing plant is hopper charging and belt feeding.

    In the engineering concrete batching plant, the hopper hoist type of aggregate transportation is generally chosen, and the concrete mixer will choose the form of the hopper with the hopper, while the hopper raises the aggregate in one time and needs to upgrade each part of the aggregate. Then the centralized weighing machine can complete all the aggregate weighing work through a concentrated hopper, and then directly to the mixer hopper.

    Commercial concrete mixing plant has strong production capacity, and a stronger batching machine is needed to feed the main concrete mixer. In order to improve the efficiency of the ingredients, we choose an independent weighing machine. No matter how many kinds of aggregate, the batching plant machine can be used at the same time. When the conveyor is used, the concrete mixer will dismantle the hoisting hopper and use it with the belt. This is why there is no hopper in the JS1500 concrete mixer at the hzs90 concrete batching plant, while the HZS75 concrete batch plant has hoppers.