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The operation of commercial concrete mixing plant is more convenient

Writer:Admin   Time:17/12/28

     The mixing time of commercial concrete mixing plant is short with mixing good quality and for dry hard, half-hard, plastic and all kinds of mixing ratio of concrete can be mixed.

    The operation of commercial concrete mixing plant is more convenient:

    1, high measurement accuracy: Whether aggregate, powder or water metering components and control components using imported components, computer control, engineering concrete batching plant 120 times / second above the sampling speed, fully guaranteed accuracy and stable performance.

    2, convenient and quick operation: The whole batching plant machine adopts computer control, you can automatically control, can also be manually operated, easy to operate, easy to grasp. Dynamic panel display, can clearly understand the operation of various components, at the same time can store and print report data.

    3, beautiful design: industrial design throughout the product design process, the design will be combined ergonomics and aesthetics, more concrete mixer makes the machine look beautiful, Pingdingshan customer case, the structure and reasonable layout, color and pleasant , The whole design contains a sense of beauty, reflects the style of art, the operation is more comfortable, more maintenance.

    4, easy to maintain simple: Each maintenance, repair parts are provided with walk-through or check ladder, intuitive visual and adequate operating space. Host cleaning pump with a red and two sets of manual operations, commercial concrete mixing plant standing on the floor-style equipment to ensure that all operations can be carried out unhindered. This batch plant operation is more comfortable, maintenance.