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The proper switching process of batching plant machine

Writer:Admin   Time:18/01/29

     The proper sequence of turning on and off the batching plant machine is important to its normal operation. Although these two operations are simple, they are related to the production and the end of the entire equipment, so we must follow the correct operating procedures.

    Concrete batching plant production right boot process: first to open the water valve switch to the water pump, air compressor in the second storage bin door open, and then open the discharge belt, open mixing console, feeding belt machine and mixer, finally open water supply switch.

    Continuous concrete batching plant shutdown process: First, turn off the batching machine, water supply switch, feeding switch (to ensure no material on the hopper), followed by closing the mixing host, unloading belt switch material storage door and air compressor shut down. After the final cleaning mixing tube to turn off the water valve switch power switch can be.