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The quality control of batching plant

Writer:Admin   Time:18/06/21

     Now mixing console, the spiral conveyer, the performance of the motor, pneumatic components, such as working parts has been fairly stable.Mixer accessories casting material is adopted high chromium alloy, such as high chromium alloy and ni-cr alloy, fully improve the wear resistance and anticorrosive performance, make the reliability of the batching plant.Because concrete quality control is indispensable in the concrete quality inspection.

    At the same time,concrete quality control is indispensable in the concrete quality inspection.

    The quality control of concrete mixing plant:

    1, the gate of raw materials, mixture design, measurement, concrete mixing time, slump and strength;Unqualified materials are not allowed to be used, measuring no equipment no production, concrete is unqualified is allowed to the factory, to ensure the quality of concrete in accordance with requirements.

    2, in strict accordance with the rules of random sampling, production test block, truthfully according to the report, to really play a direct production purpose.

    3, prepare beforehand control, prevent quality accident, through the quality inspection of raw and fresh concrete and the whole production process of quality supervision, timely grasp the quality of concrete dynamic, timely find problems and take timely measures to deal with, the engineering quality accident prevention, make the quality of the concrete in a stable state.

    4, feedback, through the analysis of test data sorting, grasp the quality of the concrete situation and the change rule, for improving concrete mixture ratio design, ensure the quality of concrete, make full use of the additive and admixture, cost reduction, strengthen management, to provide the necessary information and basis.

    5, strengthen quality training work, improve the technical level and quality consciousness of operators and enhance the work sense of responsibility.