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The type and price of concrete mixer machine

Writer:Admin   Time:18/06/27

     Concrete mixer machine can be used with dump car, truck and concrete mixing truck together and is the ideal machinery in construction sites and large & medium-size cast concrete factories.

    concrete mixer can mix the plastic and half-dry hard concrete,fluid concrete and light aggregate concrete. It is applicable to the common construction working site, road, bridge and each kind of precast product factory. It can work independently or be used as facility concrete plant, which is applied with correspond batching machine.It has reasonable instructure,high production efficiency,drive reposefully and low noise.

    JS serial concrete mixer is a new concrete mixing machinery with multi functions and can be applied to mix stiff consistency, plastic and light aggregate concrete and all kinds of mortar.

    JS series portable mini concrete mixer is motor or gasoline engine. 100/125L mixing drum are optional, very suitable for low investment.

    JDC series portable concrete mixers can be diesel or motor engine, very popular in tight electricity countries. They have 260/350L/400L mixing drum are optional.

    This series have many features.such as small volume, low investment,high efficiency and good mixing quality.

    It is also cost effective and labor saving with high quality tyers, convenient to move anywhere;also various structures, different engines for your choice.

    So far as now, our concrete mixers are sold in Mongolia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Congo, Nigeria, Singapore, Ghana, Russia, Chile, Philippines, Kenya, Armenia, etc. The latest concrete mixer price can contact us (