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Three location of batch plant use dust collector

Writer:Admin   Time:18/01/22

     The batch plant is easy to produce dust, not only pollute the environment, but also affect the health of operators, so batching plant need to use a number of places dust collector.

    Cement silo roof installation of dust collector

    Cement silo filter located at the top of the power house, even in the cement silo in the presence of certain pressure, the accumulation of dust in the dust collecting hopper can be smoothly under the effect of gravity fall into to the corresponding power house.Therefore, not only solves the existing warehouse top filter used in the power house dust collecting device is easy to jam, waste of resources, also solves the inconvenience of the dust collecting device layout of the existing problems.

    The mixing host installed dust collector

    The existing concrete mixing plant to use double horizontal axis forced concrete mixer, mixing blades will promote a small part of the powder from the gap fly, resulting in dust. At the same time powder and aggregate into the mixing host will also produce dust, cement mixer and pre-hopper at the design of a connection between the pipeline, thus reducing the airway unreasonable and the pressure inside the cement mixer to increase the pressure , Dusty air flow into the passive ram filter bag within the role of pressure, through the filter, clean gas discharged from the mixing station boundary, the dust was blocked in the filter bag inside.

    Aggregate feeding need to install bag filter

    When the sand and gravel is conveyed from the aggregate silo to the weighing hopper by the belt conveyer, the belt conveyer and the dust collecting hopper are prone to generate dust when the belt conveyer and the dust collecting hopper are in a certain gap. From the cost point of view here and other powder weighing bucket should share a set of dust removal equipment, should not be set up alone.