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Use instruction for mobile concrete mixer plant

Writer:Admin   Time:18/02/06

     Mobile concrete mixer plant belong to one type of concrete batching plants. It is a concrete production equipment that integrates material storage, weighing, conveying, mixing, discharging and automatic control system of concrete batching machine. It is compatible with fixed type concrete batching plant production process, the operation mode is basically the same, but also has the unique advantages of mobile and flexible, easy disassembly.

    There are two common types of mobile mixing stations, towing and towing.

    The common sense mobile batching plant its chassis contains a complete front and rear axle; trailer mobile batching plant its chassis only rear axle, the front placed in the tractor. When the mobile concrete mixing plant turnarounds, in addition to the screw conveyor and cement warehouse, the front end of the entire station can be towed mobile, other without disassembly; if disassembled parts, you can take with the station. More suitable for some close venues.

    At the same time,This mobile concrete batching plants is ideal for customers who want to work with places where space is a restrain. This machine helps you work with lesser area compared to a stationary concrete batching plant while also maintaining quality and performance.