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Why choose concrete batching plant in construction

Writer:Admin   Time:18/07/03

     Why choose concrete batching plant in construction ?then what is the advantages of concrete batching plant in construction?

    concrete batching plant is a fully automatic, compact batch plant with gravel & sand hoppers on single chassis and separate frame for pan mixer. It is also called ready stationary concrete batching plant.
    The batch plant is composed of adequate capacity gravel & sand hoppers, weighing conveyor suspended on electronic load cells, Pan mixer unit, additive tank, cement silo with screw conveyor, Rubber belt type charging conveyor, PLC based control panel.

    Large capacity construction cement batching plant fundamentally solve the further development of the company which is caused by lacking capacity of concrete batching plant.


    The mixing blades of concrete mixer adopt unique wear-resistant alloy material, which can improve the reliability of the host mixing machine.
    All kinds of concrete batching plant adopt industrial computer control system, which can be controlled automatically and manually and the operation is simple and convenient. The control room is equipped with air condition to ensure the electrical element is durable, and works normally and reliably. At same time, it installs surveillance cameras near the discharging door of host machine, concrete batching machine and core parts.
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