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Small Concrete Batching Plant Capacity

Writer:Admin   Time:24/01/11

    The small concrete batching plant capacity is generally 25-75 square meters/h, but the exact output will vary depending on the models and specifications. Due to its small size, low cost and simple operation, small concrete batching plant is widely used in various small to medium-sized construction projects. Its stable performance and good mixing effect can meet the needs of small-scale construction.

    The following are a few common small concrete batching plant capacity and their models:
    HZS25: the theory mixing capacity is about 25 cubic meters per hour.
    HZS35: the theory mixing capacity is about 35 cubic meters per hour.
    HZS50: the theory mixing capacity is about 50 cubic meters per hour.
    HZS60: the theory mixing capacity is about 60 cubic meters per hour.
    HZS75: the theory mixing capacity is about 75 cubic meters per hour.

    small concrete batching plant capacity

    Small concrete batching plant has the following advantages:
    Small size, small footprint, suitable for small-scale construction projects, precast plants and commercial concrete production sites, also for home use.
    Simple structure, easy to move, very suitable for narrow space and construction sites with high mobility requirements.
    Low discharging height, small concrete batching plant can conveniently convey concrete to the position needed in the project, saving installation cost and discharging transfer cost.
    Simple operation, easy maintenance and overhaul, and long service life.

    Small concrete batching plant is suitable for the following occasions:
    Small construction site:
    Suitable for use in small construction sites due to its small size and small footprint.
    Municipal road repair:
    It can be conveniently used for short-distance delivery of concrete in urban areas, suitable for municipal road repair and other projects.
    Semi-automatic batching:
    Manual proportioning or semi-automatic proportioning can be selected, suitable for concrete production that requires special proportioning.
    Small building projects, rural construction, highway construction and other fields.