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Portable Batching Plant For Sale

Writer:Admin   Time:23/12/14

    Portable batching plant for sale is a concrete production equipment that centralizes the material storage, weighing, conveying, mixing, discharging and full-automatic control system of the concrete batching plant with a trailer unit. Portable concrete batching plant has the same action process, operation mode and maintenance as the stationary automatic concrete batching plant, and also has the unique features of flexible movement, quick and easy dismantling and installation, and simple storage and management, which makes it the best model for the mobile construction of public railroads, bridges, ports, hydroelectricity and other projects.

     portable batching plant for sale

    The outstanding advantages of portable batching plant for sale include:


    The mobile concrete batching plant can be quickly set up and moved, which is suitable for use in different construction sites and can be quickly adjusted for different construction needs.

    Reduced transportation costs:

    Mobile concrete batching plants can produce concrete directly at the construction site, thereby reducing concrete transportation costs, increasing productivity and reducing project costs.

    Simple maintenance:

    Mobile concrete batching plants are simpler to assemble and maintain than stationary plants, reducing the difficulty and cost of repair and maintenance.

    Time savings:

    Since concrete can be produced on site, the time required to transport concrete from the portable concrete batching plant to the construction site can be reduced, better suited to projects with fast construction and tight schedules.

    Improve production efficiency:

    Equipped with modern production equipment, the mobile concrete batching plant can ensure the production efficiency and quality of concrete, improve construction efficiency, and reduce project time and cost.


    To sum up, portable batching plant for sale has the advantages of high flexibility, reduced transportation cost, simple maintenance, time saving, and improved productivity, so it has been loved and chosen by more and more people.