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Ready Mix Batching Plant

Writer:Admin   Time:23/11/09

    The ready mix batching plant is a type of concrete batching plant made for producing ready mix concrete, so the quality request is higher than ordinary concrete batching plant. Then what are the performance of high quality batching plant ready mix?

     ready mix batching plant

    Quality ready mix batching plant is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

    Product quality:

    The concrete equipment produced by high quality ready mix concrete batching plant adopts high chrome alloy wear-resistant cast iron mixing blade, trapezoidal design liner, equipped with mixing arm protection hoop, cost-effective. At the same time, the measurement accuracy of the concrete batching plant ready mix also determines the quality of the product, the measurement of aggregates is generally used belt weighing, weighing hopper to weighing, the belt is called cumulative weighing, weighing hopper for individual weighing or cumulative weighing.

    Equipment performance:

    The equipment performance of the ready mix concrete batching plant is also an important factor in measuring product quality. For example, the mixing host of the concrete mixing plant adopts a unique multiple shaft-end sealing protection technology with excellent sealing, which effectively prevents the intrusion of mortar and extends the service life of the mixing shaft. In addition, the ready mix concrete plant is equipped with an advanced control system, which can realize automatic control and operation and improve production efficiency and quality.

    Environmental protection:

    With the continuous progress of society, environmental protection has become the theme of social development. High-quality concrete mixing plant has also begun to advocate environmentally friendly equipment, so that environmentally friendly equipment to China's infrastructure industry. For example, the frequency of the laboratory instruments used in the concrete mixing plant can directly reflect the management level of process technology, and the high frequency of the laboratory instruments used indicates that the mixing plant attaches great importance to the testing and quality control of materials.


    High-quality ready mix concrete batching plant must have high reliability, be able to operate stably for a long time, and be able to meet the needs of large-volume concrete production. The reliability of each component of the concrete mixing plant determines the reliability of the whole plant, such as the cement silo, the storage and metering equipment for raw materials such as sand and stone and the mixing machine.


    A high-quality ready mix concrete plant must be characterized by easy maintenance and be able to easily carry out routine maintenance and repair. Generally speaking, the maintainability of the equipment includes the simple structure of the equipment, easy to disassemble, perfect lubrication system, simple hydraulic system and so on.


    In addition to the quality and performance of the product itself, quality batching plant ready mix also needs to consider its economy. Generally speaking, the price of a high quality ready concrete mixing plant will be higher than that of an ordinary concrete mixing plant, but its operating and maintenance costs during long-term use are relatively low, which can improve the overall economic efficiency of the enterprise.


    To summarize, the product quality, equipment performance, environmental protection, reliability, maintenance and economy of a quality ready mix batching plant are all important factors in measuring whether it is of high quality. When choosing and using a concrete mixing plant, you need to consider these factors and make a reasonable decision.