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Fixed Concrete Batching Plant

Writer:Admin   Time:24/02/01

    The fixed concrete batching plant is a most common used concrete batching plant type with wide application for comprehensive models and productivity. The output model of fixed concrete mixing plant varies according to different manufacturers and specifications, generally speaking, the output of stationary concrete batching plant is between 25~240 cubic meters per hour. Different models of fixed concrete mixing plants are suitable for different project scales and production requirements, for example, HZS25 concrete batching plant with an output of 25 cubic meters per hour is suitable for small building construction projects; while HZS240 concrete batching plant with an output of 240 cubic meters per hour is suitable for large-scale construction projects.

    fixed concrete batching plant

    The advantages of fixed concrete batching plant are mainly as follows:
    1, Large production capacity and high stability:
    Stationary concrete mixing plant can continuously prepare and supply concrete with large production capacity and high stability, which can meet the needs of large-scale construction projects.
    2, High reliability and long service life:
    The equipment of stationary concrete batch plant has simple structure, easy operation, low maintenance cost, high reliability and long service life.
    3, High production efficiency and high automation:
    Fixed concrete batching plant adopts advanced control system and automation technology, which can realize fast and accurate batching, mixing and discharging, with high production efficiency and low labor intensity.
    4, Energy saving and environmental protection:
    Stationary concrete batching plant adopts environmentally friendly mixing host and energy saving technology, which can reduce energy consumption and noise pollution.

    In general, fixed concrete batching plant is suitable for large-scale construction projects and large scale concrete production, with advantages of large production capacity, high stability, high reliability, long service life, high production efficiency, high automation, energy saving and environmental protection.