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How much does a HZS75 concrete batch plant invest

Writer:Admin   Time:18/09/06

     A complete mixing equipment for HZS75 concrete batch plant costs about 400,000 yuan. If concrete trucks, forklifts, ground weights, experimental equipment are added, the cost may be higher. These are only the approximate cost, but also according to their specific needs to choose, after determining and business personnel to communicate, so as to design the most reasonable station plan, in order to determine the batch plant price.

    A standard HZS75 concrete batch plant has a theoretical capacity of 75 cubic meters per hour. In actual production, due to various factors, the actual output is about 50-60 M. The unloading height is 3.8 meters, the hopper volume is 8 cubic * 3 warehouses or 4 warehouses, with JS1500 mandatory double horizontal shaft mixer and PLD2400 concrete mixer.

    This concrete batch plant equipment occupies a small area, about (long He Kuan): 29m*19m. Add sand, stone, office area, parking area and so on, at least 5 mu and more of the land area.

    The stationary concrete batching plant is mainly composed of storage system, conveying system, control system, pneumatic system, equipped with single manual control, automatic drop compensation, sand and stone moisture compensation and other features.
    The batching plant has the advantages of less investment capital, less space occupation, less equipment utilization and easy maintenance. It can be equipped with independent control room for performance, which makes the operation of the equipment convenient and safe, and produces high quality and efficient concrete.