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Modular Concrete Batch Plant Producer

Writer:Admin   Time:22/01/17

    Modular concrete batch plant producer - Haomei Machinery are specialized in concrete mixing and pumping equipment producing and researching for more than 30 years. Modular series concrete batching plant has the advantages of small footprint, simple civil construction, in-plant pre-commissioning, trial operation, rapid on-site debugging, stable control system, high production precision and reliable equipment operation. In addition, its stability, safety factor, environmental protection and humanization have been greatly improved.

     Modular concrete batch plant producer

    Only modular concrete batch plant producer and users know the convenient advantages of modular designed concrete batching plant. The assembly of the whole set of modular concrete batching plant only takes one day, and the dismantling time also takes only one day. The basic requirements of the equipment are simple. The modular concrete batching plant can directly assemble the equipment modules without any concrete foundation. The main mixing building and the aggregate supplying system machine are connected in a modular way. The aggregate supplying system, the liquid supplying system and the powder supplying system are respectively connected with the main mixing machine, and the aggregate, water and powder are conveyed into the main mixing machine. The modular concrete batch plant can realize the smooth conveying of aggregate, effectively avoid the phenomenon of aggregate, and ensure the continuity of production.

    According to the relativity and integration of the key components of the concrete batching plant, as well as the diversified characteristics of customer satisfaction, in order to improve the high efficiency of the design scheme of the concrete batching plant and the stability of the products, the development trend of modularization will be more significant. When carrying out the actual design of the overall and key components of a concrete batching plant, according to the differentiated requirements of users, modular concrete batch plant producer select appropriate key components to carry out a modular design "assembled" design plan.