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60m3 Diesel Trailer Concrete Pump

Writer:Admin   Time:22/03/29

    A set of 60m3 diesel trailer concrete pump in Haomei Machinery is HBT60 trailer concrete pump model. Diesel stands for the power model as diesel engine, it is better than electric engine on the construction site, it is more convenient. A HBT60 diesel trailer concrete pump conveys concrete, the maximum displacement of low pressure is 60m3/h, and the small displacement of high pressure is 30m3/h; the maximum output pressure of the concrete outlet is (high pressure/low pressure) 15.7/7.7Mpa. The hydraulic system of HBT60 trailer concrete pump adopts a closed circuit that represents the world's advanced level, with high performance and reliability. The use of automatic centralized lubrication prolongs the service life of the whole machine and is easy to maintain.


    The 60m3 diesel trailer concrete pump adopt modular design, different power configurations can be adopted according to user requirements, and the motor can be selected from four types: 55kW, 75kW, 90kW, and 110kW. The product can be suitable for different working environments. The trailer concrete pump product adopts a scientific whole machine layout, and the powertrain, among which the core components such as hydraulic, electrical, oil pump, hydraulic pressure, valve and so on, all adopt high-quality manufacturer brands. The new design and the new production and assembly process bring higher product quality stability and reduce maintenance costs in the later period of use. The power system, hydraulic system and pumping system are matched to maximize the working efficiency of the electric motor.


    The 60m3 diesel trailer concrete pump actually stands for the trailer concrete pump 60m3/h. HBT60 diesel trailer concrete pump mainly used in housing construction, bridge and tunnel construction. For a 60m3/h trailer concrete pump, according to the power type, it is divided into electric trailer concrete pump and diesel powered trailer concrete pump.