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Concrete Trailer Pump Diesel

Writer:Admin   Time:22/04/07

    With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, high-rise buildings have become ubiquitous. The higher the floor, the higher the requirements for concrete pumping during construction. With the increase of the pumping height, the conveying pressure of the concrete trailer pump diesel also needs to be increased. As the pumping pressure increases, the difficulty of pumping will also increase, and many problems such as concrete segregation and pipe blockage are prone to occur. Therefore, when the diesel trailer concrete pump is pumping in high-rise, more attention is required.

    concrete trailer pump diesel

    1, When the concrete trailer pump diesel is pumping at a high level, it is also necessary to ensure that the length of the horizontal pipe is not less than 15% of the height of the vertical pipe, because this ensures that there is enough resistance to prevent the trend of concrete backflow, otherwise it may cause the S pipe to reverse direction difficulty.

    2, The gap between the cutting ring and the glasses plate should be adjusted before the high-level pumping of the diesel trailer concrete pump. Generally, the maximum gap should not exceed 2mm. Otherwise, the concrete pump will not be able to pump up or the material will be less discharged during the pumping process, and even the pipeline will be blocked.

    3, During the pumping process of the trailer concrete pump, the pump stop time should not be too long. If the pump stop time exceeds 20 minutes in special circumstances, the main oil cylinder should be jogged every 10 minutes to properly move the concrete in the pipeline to prevent solidification.

    4, When the diesel trailer concrete pump is pumping at a high level, when the vertical conveying height exceeds 150 meters, a pipeline stop valve must be connected between the pump outlet and the first elbow of the horizontal pipeline. When the pumping stop time exceeds 5 minutes, the ring valve should be closed to prevent concrete leakage and block the pipe. When re-pumping, the shut-off valve should be opened first, and the main oil cylinder should be jogged to make the concrete in the pipeline move smoothly, and normal pumping should be carried out. It is not advisable to frequently jog the distribution valve and reverse pump for high-level pumping.

    5, When the high-rise pumping pipe of the concrete trailer pump diesel is arranged, attention should be paid to the 90-degree bend from horizontal to vertical, and the bending radius is not less than 500mm, otherwise it will be easy to block. The elbow should be easy to disassemble, and the pipeline layout should be firmly fixed to avoid shaking and falling off and hurting people. The wall thickness of the conveying pipe and the sealing condition of each joint within 50 meters before the outlet of the diesel concrete trailer pump should also be checked frequently.