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Concrete Mixer Machine

Writer:Admin   Time:22/03/22

    How should we choose concrete mixer machine with various types and models? With the continuous progress of the society, the concrete mixing equipment has also been continuously improved, and different series and models of concrete mixers, concrete mixing stations, concrete batching machines and other equipment have also appeared in the concrete mixing equipment. The concrete mixer have single shaft type, twin shaft forced type, planetary type, self dropping type and so on. The models of concrete mixer equipment various form JZC350 to JS4000. The lining plate and blade are made of high-hardness and wear-resistant chrome material; equipped with multiple shaft end sealing protection technology, the mixer will no longer leak slurry; strong anti-overload capability, low working noise, and overall stable operation; the mixing arm and blade are spiral-shaped design, stirring fast and even.

    concrete mixer machine

    The selection of concrete mixer machine should follow the the principles below:
    (1), Meet the pouring strength requirements;
    (2), Meet the requirements for mixing different grades of concrete;
    (3), The capacity of the concrete mixer is adapted to the particle size of the aggregate;
    (4), Consider the effect of mixing, adding ice and admixtures, and producing dry-hardness or low-slump concrete on production capacity;
    (5), The capacity of the concrete mixer matches the carrying weight and the size of the charging container;
    (6), Adapting to the construction progress, it is beneficial to install in batches, put into production in batches, dismantle and transfer in batches.

    When the amount of concrete projects is large and the construction period is long, medium or large forced concrete mixer machine should be used. If the amount of concrete projects is small and the construction period is short, small and medium-sized concrete mixers, such as js500 and js750 small forced concrete mixers, should be used. That is, according to the actual demand of your own project, do not blindly greed, resulting in a waste of capital investment and vacant equipment.